Trayvon Martin, Emmett Till, Greenwood, what the suffering of Black America means for the Global Diversity Drive

IMG_0947It’s happening everywhere, as economies become more competitive, demographics begin to collapse, global diversity in the battle for talent is moving centre stage and with it the ugly side of racism, that was thought banished with the end of world war 2. Examples of this can be found in Germany where the collapsing demographic means chronic skills shortages need to be filled with more aggressive immigration or China where the influx of African traders is causing friction with the local community due to the lack of an active diversity and inclusion drive. The challenges here are not dis-similar to those that are being faced in America right now with the Trayvon Martin Case or those faced by Black America over the centuries with the cases of Emmet Till and the Greenwood community.

The challenge the host countries have is coming to terms with the fact that beyond the platitudes they really are racist and this racism is disguised under the cloak of nationalism. The racism only becomes apparent when other ethnicities begin to make real inroads into the existing power structures exposing the racism that exists in full techni-colour. A great example of this is in Italy where the first Black Minister suffered racist abuse from an MP. This is not dissimilar to the Trayvon Martin case where the only crime that Trayvon committed was having a wealthy black father in other words white America represented by Zimmerman could not get it’s head around the fact that black people can be just as if not more successful than white people. This is also what happened in the case of Greenwood, a thriving Black Community in Oklahoma. The white folk in this case could not get over the fact that Black Americans that had formerly been slaves in the not too distant past were able to actually build decent respectable communities that were able to outperform their own especially during difficult economic times. These are the types of challenges that host countries pursuing a Global Diversity Drive such as China and Germany need to brace themselves for as they put their immigration drives on steroids in a bid to remain competitive. In Germany’s case it needs to doubly prepare itself since it has already been down this route with the Jews once before, it is just that today the number of races has increased.
And so the big question how can these challenges be addressed in a proactive and cost efficient manner before they result in the needless loss of life? The answer consists of three broad phases:
  1. National acceptance and resolve
  2. Re-definition of nationalism
  3. Embedding co-prosperity
National acceptance and resolve
National acceptance is the acceptance by the host nation that racism does exist. In this step the host nation takes on the task of explicitly identifying and exposing acts of racism. It is here that the nation challenges accepted social behaviours and ideas highlighting how even seemingly moderate and unassuming people can be racist just by doing some things that they have always done never realizing that they are in fact being quite racist. National resolve builds on this in that the nation must then resolve to stamp out this racism where ever it exists. At this point the campaign shifts into a highly aggressive push to stamp out the no longer accepted behaviours and ideas. One of the main tools in this arena is that of transparency in all levels national administration e.g. law enforcement, health, government, national defense etc.  A good example of where a drive of this nature has worked with great effect is in “Soccer” where there has been an extremely strong, aggressive and fairly effective anti-racism drive.
Re-definition of nationalism 
The re-definition of nationalism builds on the the host nation’s acceptance and resolve in tackling racism. The host nation has to come to the understanding that it is no longer a mono-culture but a multi-culture. This is whereby the dominant and guiding culture is that of the original inhabitants except that it now has variations that speak to the different ethnicities that have been introduced into and assimilated by the host nation. In short it is where by the host nation takes strong and firm steps to first align and then integrate common values between peoples. The point here is that although the immigrants will hail from different cultures and countries it should be possible for them as first generations to easily integrate and become part of the local culture and for their off-spring to be cultural natives in that they identify first with their host nation and then with their ethnic origins or cultural backgrounds. The flip side of this is that it needs to be possible for the host nation to accept the successes of these “new members” in rising to the highest echelons of the nation as this then further helps with the lower level acceptance of the “new people” as equals in all spheres. A good example of this is President Nikolas Sarkozy
Embedding co-prosperity
Embedding co-prosperity is the final and most crucial phase as this is the phase that prevents the allergic reactions such as racism and hate which arise within the locals as minorities start to succeed in their nation. The results of these allergies are in the extreme the likes of the Holocaust of World War 2 or the decimation of Greenwood. Creating and embedding a strong sense of co-prosperity in the new local culture means that it becomes acceptable to see different ethnicities succeeding and contributing patriotically to the nation for the good of all as fully fledged and fully committed citizens.